Classification of Granulator
Dec 21, 2017

The underwater granulator is similar to the air flow granulator and the water jet granulation machine, part of the equipment mainly covers: Plastic granulator, single twin-screw plastic extruder, plastic film blowing machine, bag machine, printing presses, coating machine, tape machine, tape slitter, slitter, packaging belt machine. The modified formula is mainly alloy material, especially to pet, PC, ABS, (PP, PA) These current application areas are growing materials; plastic formula developed a fresh film, degradable film, pet and toughening, such as the formulation. The difference is that it has a steady flow of water through the die surface, and directly contact with the die surface. The size of the pellet chamber is sufficient to allow the cutter to rotate freely over the die surface without limiting the flow temperature. Melt polymer from die extrusion, rotary knife cutting granular material, the grain is passed through the thermostat water out of the cutting chamber and into the centrifugal dryer. In the dryer, the water is discharged into the tank, cooled and recycled, and the particles are removed by centrifugal dryers.

Strip material production line cost is not high, easy to operate, and easy to clean. This has its advantages for color blending, since the replacement of two batches of different color materials must be thoroughly cleaned. However, the disadvantage of the method is that the cooling section takes up space and its length is determined by the temperature requirement of the polymer.

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