Biomass pellet machine inspection items before installation
Apr 18, 2018

1. The type, model, and specifications of the biomass pelletizer should be consistent with the needs.

2, check the appearance of the equipment and protect the packaging, if any defects, damage or rust, should be recorded.

3,  according to the packing list inventory of parts, components, tools,  accessories, spare parts, subsidiary materials, factory certification  and other technical documents are complete, and make a record.

4.  The equipment and rotating and sliding parts shall not be rotated or  slid until the rust-preventive oil is removed. The rust-proof oil  removed due to the inspection shall be reapplied after inspection.

5.  For parts, components, accessories, attachments, tools and technical  documents that are not required to be installed or installed, they  should be kept in the custody of the user after inspection.

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