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Pellet Machine

  • Pelleting Machine

    Features 1.2.1Pelleting machine is suitable for pelleting sawdust. 1.2.2 The machine has compact structure and beautiful appearance. It is convenient in installation, operation and maintenance, and works stable. 1.2.3 The machine is equipped with ring die of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm...
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  • Small Wood Sawdust Pellet Mill

    Product Name Small Wood Sawdust Pellet Mill Product Advantages 1. Feeding vertically, free of arch of the raw materials, easy for the heat emission in pelleting room. 2.Ring die with double layer, up and down dual use,reducing production cost. 3. Die fixed while rollers...
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  • Ring Die Wood Sawdust Pellet Mill

    The main working principle of the motor through high-precision gear drive, ring die is driven in high speed,and there are two eccentric roller assembly in internal configuration the material into the pelleting chamber is physically extruded into a diameter of 6-8-10 -12mm...
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  • Sawdust Pellet Machine

    Sawdust pellet machine is biomass fuel forming equipment used to press sawdust into high density 6-8mm pellets .Those finished sawdust pellet usually is applied to biomass fuels plant, power station, timber mill, fertilizer plant,chemical plant,etc.
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  • Sawdust Pellet Mill

    Sawdust pellet mill is biomass fuel production equipment ,also called wood pellet making machine ,biomass pellet mill ,etc . The raw material is various ,like Pine (Pinus sylvestris, larch, white pine), mahogany, poplar, eucalyptus, fir, miscellaneous wood and other forest...
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  • Wood Pelletizer

    As green and traditional fuel alternative and with fierce of global warming issue ,the demand of wood pellet increase rapidly ,especially in Japan ,Korea,Europe and North America .To invest the wood pelletizer line is bright and profitable.
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  • Fuel Pellet Machine

    Fuel pellet are biofuels made from organic matter or biomass used as a new low-carbon fuel.Then fuel pellet machine is applied in producing those fuel pellet by squeezed between ring die and roller shell.
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  • Biofuel Pellet Machine

    Biofuel pellet machine is the process of making biomass waste materials into solid fuel. Those biomass waste includes : various kind of agro-forestry waste :hard and soft wood ,sawdust ,shaving ,wood chip ,rice husk ,kinds of straw ,EPS,etc .
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  • Sawdust Pelletizer

    sawdust pelletizer Sawdust or wood dust is a byproduct of cutting, grinding, drilling, sanding, or otherwise grinding wood with a saw or other equipment. Sawdust as one of the best raw materials for fuel pellet production is abundant world widely. The finished sawdust pellet...
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  • Sawdust Pellet Press Machine

    The sawdust pellet press machine is new generation of pellet machine is used to process those sawdust by high pressure without any Adhesives and chemical additives into high density of sawdust pellet .
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  • Wood Briquette Machine

    Wood briquette machine ,is also known as wood pellet mill ,biomass pellet mill ,pellet making machine , is a type of mill or machine press used to create pellets from powdered material.
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  • Sawdust Briquette Machine

    Kingwood sawdust briquette machine is widely used in briquette pellet making machine .Kingwood’s briquette machine is traditional horizontal ring die machine : when the material go into pelleting chamber ,it is squeezed by roller shell and ring die coming pellets.
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