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Rice Husk Pellet Making Machine

Rice Husk Pellet Making Machine

Kingwood rice husk pellet making machine is new innovated mill which has bigger pelleting chamber so it is easier to discharge and high output .
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rice husk pellet making machine

Rice hulls (or rice husks) are the hard protecting coverings of grains of rice.When the growing season is passed ,the rest of rice husk would be used as building material, fertilizer, or fuel. But in some area ,it just been burned which pollute the environment fiercely . So make fuel rice husk pellet can solve this problem as well as sell to make profit .

Rice husk has ingredient of lignin ,which is better for pellet making since lignin is nature adhesive ,when those is pressed by rice husk pelle making machine in high temperature ,it is glued together by lignin ,in anther word ,it is easy to be formed without any chemical adhesive .

Kingwood rice husk pellet making machine is new innovated mill which has bigger pelleting chamber so it is easier to discharge and high output .


1) No main shaft design and over 2 times pelletizing chamber ,widely application in different material s.

The improved structure of pelletizing chamber makes it much larger and with feeding vertically, it works more smoothly even if processing easy-blocked materials like rice husk ,Palm silk, stringy bark of eucalyptus, big size of shavings and complicated composition of plastic, rubbish, and then fine grinding part is no needed before pelletizing .

2)Large Capacity in Low Power and Large Torque 

With multiply driving model (>3 class) and Inertia flywheel technology ,it realizes low power but large torque and connecting running roller and stable ring die which smooth pelletizing and increasing working efficiency of pelletizing.

3)Working 24-hour continuously Pellet Mill

If improper operation happens , for example , foreign matters like steel balls ,iron bars ,stones result in malfunction ,it only harm ring die and roller ,but on any harm to driven parts of machines , but at the same time we need pay attention to the pre-process of materials like sieving and iron-removal to avoid the unnecessary foreign matters entering with normal materials. 

Labor-cost saving , and one worker can finish all pelletizing process .

This picture showed the difference between K628 with traditional pellet making machine .

Technical parameter :





Main power:


Diameter of ring die:

628mm(inner)double layer

Auxiliary power:


Structure in press:

Double roller(no bearing)



Lock way of roller adjustment:


Operating temperature in chamber:


Operating noise


Lubricated grease :


Ring die cooling way:


Output :pellet

( Φ6~10mm):2.5-3t/h (according to different material)

Operating time:

No limited(wearing part is excluded)

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